Enter Inside

Master Interior Architecture

Design for the Real World

INSIDE is a two-year, English-taught Master Interior Architecture programme which targets the real world.

A world that is changing: large-scale interiors, a changing relation between private and public space, sustainability and a greater demand for social cohesion are themes that call for a new perspective on interior architecture.

At INSIDE, we will challenge and see the world from inside-out and become INSIDE-architects.

The main elements of our programme are:


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Studio INTER


Studio led by Jan Konings


Object of research during the first semester of 2012-2013 is the phenomenon of sound in space.
Not looking at it as a damaging factor that needs to be banned or dimmed but as an esthetical factor which could be used as an architectural instrument to...

Studio SPACE

Ken Adams Production Designer

Studio led by OMA with Chris van Duijn and Mark Veldman (2014-2015)


Learning from Ken Adam
OMA design project - House for James Bond movie

We design a specific James Bond space which can be used in one of the 23 movies. The project ideally ends with an edited version of...

Studio URBAN

Studio led by Superuse Studios with Jan Jongert and Lizanne Dirkx (2014-2015)


A systemic design challenge for Binckhorst, The Hague

During the FLOWS introduction programme students prepared the conditions to start an enterprise at The Binckhorst, turning local (organic) waste streams into valuable products for the local market. From this starting...

Research Group FLOWS

Research group led by Jan Jongert — Superuse Studios

Contemporary interiors increasingly depend on a complex of connecting flows

The research group ‘INSIDE flows’ investigates the specifications and behaviour of these flows to support the development of sustainable design methods.

Flows are characterised by the fact that they have a performance in...